Open placements

In order to apply for our open EVS placements in Estonia, please fill in the EstYES application form that you can download from here (application-for-evs-in-estonia) and send it to for selection process until 27th of February 2017.

NB! For this deadline from partner countries (e.g Russia, Ukraine, Georgia) we can accept volunteers only for the following placements:
Ida-Virumaa County’s Chamber for disabled people

Tallinn Children’s House

Volunteers from program countries are welcome to apply to all other EVS placements.

The projects that you can apply for, start in Autumn/Winter 2017 and last for 9-12 months.


Kilingi-Nõmme Kindergarten Krõll

Location: Kilingi-Nõmme, Target group: Children, Topics: Education, European awareness

Võru Kindergarten Päkapikk
 Võru, Target group: Children, Topics: Cultural differences and economic difficulties

Tallinna Kullerkupu Kindergarten

Location: Tallinn, Target group: Children, Topics: European awareness and education through sport and outdoor activities

NGO Koosa Youth Club

Location: Koosa, Target group: Youth, Topics: European awareness, youth leisure

International Montessori School (centre for children development)

Location: Tallinn, Target group: Children, Topics: Education, European awareness

Tallinn Kuristiku Gymnasium

Location: Tallinn, Target group: children and youth, Topics: Education, European awareness

Ukraine Cultural Center
 Tallinn, Target group: Children and youth, Topics: art, culture, history



Ida-Virumaa County’s Chamber for disabled people (only for Russian-speaking volunteer)
 Jõhvi, Target group: Disabled people, Topics: Disability

Mustamäe Family Centre

Location: Tallinn, Target group: children and youth in need of additional support, Topics: Education, Development cooperation, Youth leisure

Tallinn Children’s House (for Russian-speaking volunteer)
 Tallinn, Target group: Children, Topics: Children; Youth leisure and education through sport and outdoor activities

NGO Vahtramägi

Location: Tartu, Target group: children and youth without parental care, Topics: Social Inclusion, Youth leisure

Imastu Residential School
 Saksi vald, Target group: Disabled youth, Topics: Disability and urban/rural development

Perekodu SA

Location: Viljandi, Target group: Disabled people, Topics: European awareness, disability